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Transport Infrastructure Directorate (TID) was established in 2018 under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development in order to develop transport infrastructures including roads and bridges in Bagmati Province   The main aim of the organization is to develop plans, policy, programs,  guidelines, and specifications for the construction of transport infrastructure and implement the design, construction and maintenance works of roads, bridges, trail bridges etc, with efficiencies and effective way self or through the under offices. 
The TID  is the central authority of Bagmati Province Government charged with the responsibilities for enhancing the economic and social development of the Province by linking various geographical and economic regions through the provincial strategic transport network..TID is responsible for linking rural areas of the Province with markets to support various economic activities and projects related with tourism, agricultural, electrical, industrial and other sectors of Nepal. Moreover, the key role of the Directorate lies with preparing plans, policies, and programs regarding the development of physical infrastru..

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Rampur-Parvatipur Road Chitwan
Asphalt Plant at Bhimphedi-Kulekhani Road
Rigid Pavement Works at Bhimphedi- Kulekhani Road with Transit Mixture
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